About the Union

A case study of the effects of unions on the residential construction industry by Allen B. Mandelstamm, published in the Industrial and Labor Relations Review showed that union contractors could complete their work in less time with lower material costs than their non-union competitors, resulting in consistently lower bids for the same scope of work.

In today’s highly competitive world, making a decision about a union vs. a non-union worker should be based on key industry issues impacting the quality of your finished product. Union workers are better prepared to deal with the many issues that may arise during the course of a project and are properly trained to negotiate situations and key decisions impacting their work.

The Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union #12 prides itself in maintaining the highest possible standards in the industry to ensure every phase of work completed meets all compliance and regulatory standards.

The training provided to our union members covers all aspects of the industry, positioning them to be technologically advanced, highly skilled in their craft and prepared to meet all the challenges they are faced with during the course of their career. The foundation of our union is built on respect and maintaining the highest code of conduct to our customers.